About Angela

I've been teaching piano for ten years.  I enjoy working with students of all ages.  My path from learning the piano as a child to teaching the piano as an adult is unique.

I began piano lessons at the age of eight in my hometown of Fargo, North Dakota, with a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Jacobson, who specialized in teaching students through their first five years of study.  I moved on to study with several teachers through high school, including Andrew Froehlich at North Dakota State University.

I attended my first year of college at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, and then transferred to Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, where I finished my college education.  I studied piano performance with several teachers, including Joe Kline and Margaret May Ott.  I performed in many recitals each year and count myself lucky to have had the opportunity to play Edvard Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor with the Gonzaga University Symphony Orchestra.

My college studies were steeped in piano performance, music theory, composition, music history and jazz.

In college, my love of music was paired with another passion which was journalism, my other major and my first career.  I worked in television news for 15 years, starting with a fellowship in New York City with the International Radio Television Society.  I moved on to work in four cities as an assignment editor and news producer.  My last position was with KOMO-4 News, where I produced daily newscasts for seven years.  The work was intense and I loved it.  But with the birth of my children, my goals and desires changed and so did my career.  I continued to work as a freelance writer, while staying home with my two boys, who were two and four at the time.  As my older child entered Maplewood CO-OP K-8 School in Edmonds, Washington, my extensive volunteer work with students revealed how much I enjoy working with other children as well.

With my background in music, I began college studies of piano pedagogy to bolster my understanding of teaching children and not just playing the instrument.  I joined the Edmonds Music Teachers Association which opened up a world of opportunity for me and my future students.  I’ve developed wonderful friendships with fellow teachers where we share ideas, challenges and successes.   EMTA offers me ongoing pedagogy education through speakers, workshops and conferences.  I also have the opportunity to perform.  As a member of EMTA, I’m able to offer my students opportunities to participate in events throughout the year.  These events give students goals to achieve and successes to relish.

Like my very first teacher, I specialize in teaching beginner to early advanced students. And like that eight-year-old I once was, I still love to practice and perform.